Dear Pretty Fhe,

We are truly saddened to hear of your recent loss and would like to express my sincere condolences to you and your family on the recent passing of your father. Tito, Gibbs, Ian, Gayle, Maan and Dina send their thoughts and hopes to you and your family at this most difficult of times.

Even though I did not know you father personally, through meeting you and your family, I can see that you were raised in a loving and warm family. Your personal demeanor and the values you have I know came from the family in which you were raised. I can only imagine how much of an impact your father has had on how compassionate and caring a person you are. From meeting you and your family and hearing the stories about your father I can only imagine how great a man he was and I wish I had the pleasure of knowing him in life.

It is obvious that you were very fortunate to have such a fine man as your father and role model as you grew into the person you are today.

Please accept our heartfelt condolences at this most difficult time and I ask that you please pass these sentiments on to your family and your father’s friends. I wish I had the opportunity to have known your father as I can see how his personality and strength must have passed into you and in doing so he lives on in you and those who loved him.

With Our Sincere Sympathy,

HunnyBunch Mike



Bolt, a white German Shepherd, is the titular character of a hit action television series co-starring with his loving owner Penny. In the show, Bolt has various superpowers such as super strength and speed, heat vision, invincibility, and an ultra-sonic “super bark.” Using these powers, he constantly thwarts the evil plans of Dr. Calico. However, the filming crew has intentionally kept Bolt ignorant about the fact that he is being filmed to create an effect of realism on the show. As such, Bolt doesn’t know that his superpowers are fake, and he is deprived of living like a normal dog, much to Penny’s dismay. After some prodding by a network executive unhappy with the show’s ratings, the crew films the show’s first cliffhanger episode in which Penny is kidnapped by Dr. Calico. Bolt believes she is in actual danger and becomes all the more motivated to “rescue” her. He breaks out of his trailer and runs through the studio, attempting to break through a window only to be knocked unconscious and fall into a cardboard box, which is then shipped from Hollywood to New York City.

Roaming the streets of New York, he finds that his “powers” aren’t working, believing that the Styrofoam from the cardboard box has a weakening effect on his body (much like Kryptonite for Superman). He decides to find a cat whom he believes will lead him to Dr. Calico and Penny, associating all cats with the villain because Dr. Calico owns two of them. A flock of pigeons brings Bolt to Mittens, a street cat who loves to threaten them out of their food, as a means of retribution. Fearing for her own safety, Mittens plays along with Bolt’s delusions that she works for Calico, and directs him to Hollywood, but ends up getting dragged along as a “prisoner.” Meanwhile, Penny is saddened by Bolt’s disappearance, but is forced by the studio to keep shooting with a Bolt stand-in.

Bolt begins to have feelings he had never experienced before, such as pain, and hunger, the latter of which convinces him that Mittens had poisoned him. Coming across a camp site, the cat teaches him how to beg to the campers for food, which she passes off as the “antidote,” like a dog usually does. There, they meet Rhino a TV-obsessed hamster and a huge Bolt-enthusiast, whom they recruit on their journey westward. Realizing his identity as a TV star, Mittens tries to convince Bolt that his whole life has been part of a TV series, and that his powers aren’t real, but they are both captured by Animal Control. After being broken out of the Animal Control van by their hyperactive hamster friend, Bolt finally realizes the truth about his powers. However, Rhino, oblivious to this revelation, inadvertently tells the depressed pooch that he doesn’t need his powers to be a hero. Using stealth and improvisation, Bolt and Rhino rescue Mittens, who is profoundly moved by the heroism of these confused new friends.

As the trio continue on the journey, Bolt is depressed that he doesn’t know what to do with his life, now that he knows he has no superpowers, so Mittens teaches him how to live like a normal dog. Bolt takes to typical dog activities, such as playing fetch and sticking his head out the window of a moving vehicle. After the long trek westward, ending up in Las Vegas, Mittens begins to assume that her canine friend will be content living as a homeless stray, but the dog is still motivated to return to Penny. Suddenly embittered, she begins to rant that Penny’s love for him is no more real than his superpowers or adventures, inadvertently revealing that she was once a house cat who was declawed, and abandoned. Refusing to believe that his own owner doesn’t love him, Bolt continues on to Hollywood alone, leaving Mittens with no ill will. Later, Rhino convinces the mildly regretful feline to follow Bolt to Hollywood and help him.

Bolt returns to the studio, and is heartbroken to find Penny lovingly embracing his lookalike, unaware that Penny still misses him, and that her affection for the Bolt stand-in was part of a rehearsal for the show. Witnessing Penny’s sadness for her lost dog, and realizing that she truly does love Bolt, Mittens confronts him and manages to clear up the misunderstanding. Back on the set, the Bolt stand-in panics during filming and accidentally knocks over some torches, setting the soundstage on fire, and trapping Penny. Bolt arrives and reunites with his owner, rescuing her from the inferno of the soundstage, by barking into an air vent to alert the firefighters to their position. After the two are pulled out of the building and into the ambulance, Penny’s mom has her quit the show. They end up adopting Mittens and Rhino, and move to a rural home to enjoy a simpler, happier lifestyle with Bolt and their new found friends.


I really don’t know!!!…. putcha english!!!  commercial ata ng head and shoulder? hahahah!!!